Games featuring games within themselves. Usually these are played by the protagonist (not the player) and available as (hidden) collectibles/unlockables.


  • Some games are a collection of minigames themselves, sometimes called stages (e.g. various olympics games), these don't qualify here.
  • Some games launch a minigame (i.e. distinctively different from standard gameplay) for special activities, such as picking an electronic lock, these don't qualify here.
  • Special levels (e.g. beer collecting in Tyrian) don't count here.
  • For games that let your protagonist to gamble within the game universe, see Gameplay Feature: Gambling or more specific Gameplay Feature: Poker.
  • There is a separate group for games which include previously released full games (hidden/unlockable): Games with hidden / unlockable full games


System Shock 1 & 2 has games that can be collected in cyberspace and later played, Anachronox